Things to Do

When you stay with us at Kohala Village Inn, you are at the center of some of the best attractions the Big Island has to offer. Hawi features a lot of fun activities and attractions, keeping you busy throughout your visit. Hawi is close to the ocean, meaning there are plenty of beaches worth visiting. There are also a host of historical sites near town that provide a great peek into the history of Hawaii. If natural beauty is your interest, there are plenty of ways to enjoy it through hikes, scenic drives or many other activities. Our travel guide can help you find some great activities that will make you visit to Kohala Village Inn a memorable experience.

Flumin' Kohala

Flumin' Kohala offers a rare opportunity to explore the remarkable pristine Hawaiian landscapes it crosses. They offer guided tours through three miles of Hawaiian history.

Kamehameha Statue

Visit the state of the great warrior, diplomat and leader, King Kamehameha. He was the king that helped unify Hawaii.

Kapa'a Beach Park

If you're looking to enjoy the beaches of the Big Island of Hawaii then stop off at Kapa'a Beach Park. This oceanside park offers a great place to go picnicking or spend some time for a day trip. The shoreline is rocky and there are no lifeguards on duty but there are picnic tables and a pavilion, which must be reserved separately. While swimming at this beach park is not recommended, it does offer a great place to go snorkeling and scuba diving. Waters are typically calm but there are strong currents during the winter. Come enjoy the beautiful scenery of Kapa'a Beach Park.


Located on the Big Island's rocky North Kohala shoreline, Keokea Beach is a boulder beach backed by sea cliffs. The swimming conditions are rather poor here because the bay is not protected by offshore reefs, so the surf is strong and the water rough on most days. Local residents have built a breakwater of boulders to improve the cove.

Kohala Mountain Road

Kohala Mountain Road is a great way to experience the natural beauty of the Big Island. This road, officially called Route 250, runs from Hawi at the intersection with Route 250. running south to Waimea. The route runs over Kohala Mountain for about 20 miles in length. The crux of this drive is the gorgeous scenery you'll see along the way. You'll experience open pastures, rolling hills and tree-lined mountains along the way as well as a few places to stop and soak in the scenery and views. Kohala Mountain Road is a great place to spend some time on a lazy afternoon.

Lapakahi State Historical Park

There are a host of historical sites and landmarks strewn along the norther coast of the Big Island with Lapakahi State Historical Park being a popular option. This park allows you to take a self-guided tour through the an old Hawaiian coastal settlement. The ruins are partially restored and offer a lot of great history. The park is open daily from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. with the last entry to the park being at 3:30 p.m. Along with a host of historical landmarks, there is plenty of plants and wildlife to see, especially in the ocean. Lapakahi is well worth your time to visit.


The Pololu Valley offers a great hike, lookout, and the black sand beach. The hike will lead you through some spectactular views of the valley and cliffs. The end of the hike leads to the black sand beach at the valley floor.

Sky Diving

Go skydiving over the most beautiful part of Hawaii. The adventure will lead to breathtaking views of the Kohala Coast, the seven sacred Valleys, and the wild grassland.


They offer an 8-line zipline tour through a tropical adventure. Their guides will take you through some amazing gulches and valleys. They are the only zipline that will take you through the jungle.
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