The Kohala Village Inn is inspired by traditional Hawaiian values of honoring the wellbeing of all generations and working together responsibly to create a healthy Community and environment. 

Hospitality Specialist

Status: Part-Time / Casual
Starting Hourly Rate: Based on Experience 
Touching the Earth Land Company LLC is the parent company to Kohala Village Inn who provides payroll and Human Resource Services. Management and supervision will be provided by Kohala Village Inn.      
Job Description
The Hospitality Specialist is the face of the organization and requires a friendly, warm and inviting presence at all times. Duties may vary from front desk registrations to housekeeping and inventory, and requires a high degree of customer service at all times. This position may require the ability to remain on your feet for long periods of time.

Application Instructions
All candidates must submit an Application form. Applications can be picked up from the Kohala Village Inn front desk, or downloaded. Applications must be legible, fully completed and signed. Submit applications and necessary paperwork to the Kohala Village Inn Front Desk or email to