Places to Eat

You don't have to look too far to find some delicious food in Hawi when you visit the Big Island. There are plenty of great restaurants in town, all within a short distance from Kohala Village Inn. While the below list is not exhaustive, it does highlight some great eateries near us, helping you get a better taste of Hawaii during your visit. 

Bamboo Restaurant and Gallery

Bamboo Restaurant and Gallery is a popular stop in Hawi thanks to its blending of good food and fantastic art. The menu is a great place to stop off at for lunch and dinner as it features a host of Pacific Rim options that can help you get a taste of the Hawaii. Another factor that makes this restaurant unique is the art gallery in the upper levels. Visitors can find a host of local and unusual Hawaiian gifts. All of this comes in a historic, fully restored plantation building.


Gill's is a restaurant that has many things on their menu including fresh fish. Other popular things on the menu are their hot dogs, fish tacos and sandwiches.

K.O. Pizza

K.O. Pizza offers authentic NY Pizza serving Cheese, Pepperoni and a Special of the day!

King's View Cafe

The King's View Cafe offers Pizza, Sandwiches and Hawaiian Ice Cream.

Kohala Coffee Mill

The Kohala Coffee Mill offers great Kona coffee, a delicious mocha or fresh lemonade. They also have some food on their menu like a breakfast sandwich and fried rice.

Kohala Grown Market

Visit the Kohala Grown Market to get a smoothie or a quick bite to eat. Their hot food menu includes many different sandwiches and burgers.

Kohala Rainbow Cafe

Kohala Rainbow Cafe offers a diverse array of Asian, Chinese and breakfast options for visitors. While Chinese food is the primary dish during the day, breakfast options are available throughout business hours. Breakfast options include seafood, pork, beef, chicken, burgers, musubi and many more options. Lunch and dinner options are similar as the restaurant offers seafood, chicken, duck, beef and pork along with a host of sides such as fried rice, chow mien and noodles.

Mi Ranchito

If you're in the mood for some good Tex-Mex options, then head on over to Mi Ranchito. This restaurant is set in the middle of Hawi. The menu includes dishes with tacos, tamales, enchiladas, taquitos, flautas, Chile Relleno and burritos. The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner. Many who have visited compliment Mi Ranchito on being a small restaurant with big flavor while boasting reasonable prices. The restaurant also offers outdoor seating so you can enjoy the nearby natural scenery.

Pomaika'i Cafe

Pomaika'i Cafe is a coffee shop and cafe in Kapaau, Hawaii. They offer a delicious menu of food like cinnamon rolls and donuts.
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